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Our firm prides itself in the breadth and thoroughness of its training programs. Its training program is aimed at providing employers with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and practical application of complex legal requirements. The firm’s extensive experience in complex state and federal court litigation guides its training programs, this experience highlights proactive steps that employers can take to either avoid litigation or minimize its exposure if it faces a legal challenge. Our training is accompanied with comprehensive workbooks on the law, and user friendly checklists, flow charts, templates, and protocols that incorporate many of the legal mandates.


Our training program is led by Celia M Ruiz. Ms. Ruiz has over 28 years of legal experience and has litigated many keynote cases through the state. She has taken lessons learned from this litigation experience to train employers on how to properly set up administrative procedures and improve its employment practices. Ms. Ruiz provides in depth training on documenting Employee Misconduct and Discipline, Investigate Employee Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Student Discipline and other key legal issues that impact personnel and labor administration.


Ms. Ruiz has presented at the California School Board Conference, California Association of School Administrators, and the National School Attorneys Conference and has received exemplary and outstanding evaluations for the quality and thoroughness of her training. Other members of the firm have similar outstanding presentation skills and are available to assist in developing specific training for your needs. A list of our training areas are provided below:

If you would like to learn more about all of our training workshops, or to schedule a seminar, please contact our Administrative Office.


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• ADA - Access to Program Requirements Under The Americans with Disabilities Act

• Affirmative Action Manual

• Brown Act- Handbook for Compliance with California's Open Meeting Laws

• Certificated Discipline

• Certificated Evaluations

• Child Abuse Reporting in Education Institutions

• Child Abuse Issues in the Public Schools: a Practical Guide for School Administrators

• The Collective Bargaining Process In California

• Combating Violence in Our Colleges & Workplaces

• Comprehensive School Safety Plans: Tool for Violence Prevention and Intervention

• Current Developments in Contracting Out

• An Educators Guide on Sexual Harassment

• Employee Discipline & The First Amendment

• An Employers Guide on Sexual Harassment

• Gender Equity & Social Change

• The Hiring Process: Legal Mandates and Practical Tips

• IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

• Investigating Employee Misconduct in the Public Sector

• Legal Responses to Disruptive Incidents in Schools

• Religion, Dress Codes & School Uniforms in California’s Public Schools

• School Administrators Manual on Students Constitutional Rights & Disciplinary Proceedings

• School District Liability for Peer Sexual & Racial Harassment

• Selection Criteria For Instruction Materials

• Technology & The Law

• The Use of Interest Based Or Collaborative Bargaining By California Community Colleges

• Workplace Violence