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Ruiz & Sperow's quarterly Newsletters feature articles on important trends in the areas of Employment, Labor, and Education Law on a rotating basis, as well as a survey of notable legal decisions in the quarter, keeping you up to date with the law. We also provide practical tips for both public and private employers in our "Employers' Checklist"corner.


If you wish to receive our  Newsletter via e-mail each quarter, please enter your contact information into our E-Mail SignUp page. We also welcome feedback and/or any topics you would like to see covered in future Newsletters. Please leave your suggestions in the "Comment" section of the page. You can view current and past issues of our Newsletter below by clicking on the title:


Winter 2008

In this Issue:

•Student Discipline & Cyber Speech

•Trend Watch

•Speech in the Public Sector

•Public Records Act: New Disclosure Requirement

•Year in Review: Disability Law

•Employers' Checklist: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Fall 2008 

In this Issue:

•Are you Prepared for a Crisis on Campus?

•Responding to Specific Threats from the Public: Temporary Restraining Orders

•Disciplining Students with Disabilities

•Legal Updates 

  Employment Cases:

  -Text Messages and Employee Resources

  -California Supreme Court to Hear Meal and Rest Periods Case

  -New opening for lawsuits by employees who claim retaliation 

  Education Cases:

  -Education Code Adds Cyberbullying as Grounds for Suspension & Expulsion

  -California Court upholds $300,000 verdict against district for peer sexual orientation harassment

  -"ICE" on Campus - What to do?

  -EEOC Issues New Compliance Manual on Religious Discrimination

  -Home Schooling Allowed by California Appeals Court

  -School District Freed from Reimbursement and Attorneys’ Fee Award in a Due Process Challenge of IEP 

 Labor Case:

  -"No Match" Letters Insufficient as Basis for Termination

•Firm Updates

-Meet the Associate: Heather Robert Coffman Returns

-Speaking Engagements


Summer 2008

In this issue:

•Beware of Bullies in the Workplace and in School
  -Bullying at Work
   -Bullying Between Peers at  School
•The Political Use of District's Mailboxes
•Fourth Amendment Issues:
  -Strip Searches
  -Cell Phone Searches
•New Law Allows Leave for Military Families
•Legal Obligations Regarding Hidden Disabilities
•The Need for Title IX Compliance Audits
•Firm Updates   
  -NBC Anti-Gang Roundtable
  -Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Spring 2008

In this Issue:

•Supreme Court Decides Two Key Discrimination Cases

•Trend Watch

  -Strip-Search Decision Ninth Circuit

  -Employee on Medical Leave May Seek Other Employment

 -Acts Outside Statute of Limitations May Show Discrimination

•Employers' Checklist: Vacation Policies