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Our Legal Alerts provide our clients with the latest developments in the fields of education and labor and employment law. If you wish to receive our legal alerts via e-mail, please enter your contact information into our guest book, please suggest any topics you would like to see covered in future Legal Alerts in the comments section.


You can view the Legal Alerts below by clicking on the date to the right of the title:


• Supreme Court Holds That Employer Violated The Federal Prohibition Against Racial Discrimination - July 7, 2009

• Certificated Layoff Checklist -2008

• Sexual Harassment Prevention Training -2008

• U.S. Supreme Court Holds that School Districts’ Voluntary Integration Plans Violate the

Equal Protection Clause - June 28, 2007

• U.S. Supreme Court Holds that School District Did Not Violate the First Amendment When Student was

Suspended for Displaying a Drug-Related Banner at School-Sanctioned Event - June 25, 2007

• California Supreme Court Holds That Equitable Estoppel May Apply To Four-Year Time Limitation - June 4, 2007

• School District’s Retraction of Student Editorial Violated Right to Free Speech - May 21, 2007

• U.S. Supreme Court Limits Timely Title VII Claims to Filed Within 180 days of Employer’s

Pay- Setting Actions - May 30, 2007

• School District’s Statement To The Press About Principal Covered By First Amendment - April 20, 2007

• New California Law Changes Teacher Transfer Rule - January 12, 2007

• The Golden Valley Court Strikes Again: Some Temporary Teachers Must Be Reclassified As Probationary And Afforded

Statutory Layoff Protections - January 2, 2007

• Special Education Due Process Complaint Statute of Limitations Reduced to Two Years on

October 10, 2006 - October 10, 2006

• Lawyer Parents Cannot Recover Attorney's Fees for Due Process cases Brought on Behalf of Their Own Children -August 26, 2006

• School Officials Liable for Disciplining Student for Drug-related Banner at Off campus event - March 10, 2006