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"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry B. Adams


K-12 schools are, in many ways, the foundational building blocks for our society, and we are inspired everyday by our clients' dedication to education and public service. It is that vision and inspiration that is behind the full range of services that we provide to K-12 school districts.


We have been providing K-12 school districts with the highest caliber of legal services for decades. Our services include representing districts in collective bargaining; providing training and advice on public entity, employment, and school law issues; analyzing employment practices; drafting and implementing forms, policies and procedures; representing districts at all proceedings relating to employee discipline or termination; representing districts in administrative investigations or complaints; and handling all phases of litigation. Through our experience in representing K-12 clients, we are experienced with handling issues involving the Brown Act, student discipline, special education, constitutional issues, public bidding, waivers, and charter schools.


We routinely, efficiently, and successfully defend clients in special education due process hearings and appeals, student discipline hearings and appeals, and OCR and CDE compliance complaints. We also provide advice, counseling, and policy development on student issues. In addition, we regularly provide our clients with dynamic, interactive training on student discipline and special education, including the interrelation between the Education Code, the IDEA, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


For example, some of the recent matters in which we have successfully represented our K-12 clients include:


•  Training and advising districts on meeting their legal obligations to engage in the interactive process with employees with disabilities;

•  Negotiating a favorable settlement of a disability discrimination claim asserted by the Department of •  Fair Employment and Housing;

•  Successfully withstanding challenges to the termination of teachers’ employment in proceedings before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH);

•  Providing training on sexual harassment in compliance with state law requirements;

•  Prevailing in an appeal which resulted in ownership and possession of valuable real property in favor of the district and monetary sanctions against the appellants;

•  Advising a district about constitutional issues such as free speech and freedom of religion issues relating to curriculum-related parental complaints;

•  Advising districts about voluntary integration plans.